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      About Facilitators

      The Trauma Healing Institute recognizes five categories of Trauma Healing Facilitators
      Their designations and responsibilities can be quickly summarized as follows"

        Apprentice Facilitator

          Are certified to lead Healing Groups


        Training Facilitator

          Are certified to lead Healing Groups, and lead Initial Equipping Sessions to certify Apprentice Facilitators


        Master Facilitator In-Training

          At this point they can lead Healing Groups, Initial Equipping Sessions, Certify Apprentice Facilitators,
          lead Advanced Equipping Sessions


        Master Facilitator

          Now they can lead Advanced Sessions, Initial Equipping Sessions, certifying both Apprentice and Training Facilitators.


      Contact a Facilitator

      If you wish to get additional information or set up or host a Healing Group, or Initial Equipping Session please contact
      one of our Facilitators listed below.  We have listed their city and state of residence to allow you to contact the Facilitator
      nearest your location



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