Help Is On the Way

By Pat Kempf

 2 Timothy 3:1  But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days.

Joshua 6:16-17 ...Joshua commanded the people, “Shout!  For the Lord has given you the city.  The city and all that is in it are to be devoted to the Lord...

We are living in the last days.  Have you come up against walls in your life, cement walls; walls that seem to be immovable?  Are you in that place where you have almost given up?  You think, ‘things have go to get better’, but they just seem to get worse.

What do you do?  Sometimes I have gotten into a pity party.  Maybe I even share it with a friend in hopes they will feel bad for me.  And have you experienced like me, that sometimes you run into someone who has a more woeful story than yours, and together you are in this boat that is sinking in the ocean of “woe is me”?

I love it though when I share with that rare friend that says, “ I am so sorry you are having to go through what you are, but I know if you will keep your eyes on Jesus He will get you through this test.  You will look at how much you have grown and the wisdom gained, because of this, that you will thank the Lord for this experience, because out of it you have learned to look to Him and trust Him more completely.”   And then they ask if they can pray for you.   You leave that friend seeing light at the end of the tunnel that was before so dark that you couldn’t see your way.

Scripture tells us to call on the Lord in your time of trouble, and if you do, He may send a warm loving friend that reaches down and pulls you up out of the sinking boat, out of that pity party.  And gives you the courage to face one more day, knowing that God loves you and will help you to shout down those walls that keep you from the promises of God.

Let’s pray:  Precious Lord, thank you for knowing each of us individually and completely.  Thank you that you alone know the plans and purposes you have for us, and what it will take to prepare each of us for what is ahead.  Lord, I yield to you and your bigger plan.  I give you permission to cleanse and change those parts of me that need to be, in order that I might be the person you desire for me to be.  As your word directs, I come to you, I lay down my heavy burdens and my weariness.  I can’t do this alone anymore.  I ask to be yolked with you, so that I might learn from you, and find rest for my mind and emotions.  I trust you Lord, I lean not on my own understanding, I acknowledge that you alone have the answers and I know I can count on you to direct my path.  In Jesus Name I give all this to you!!  AMEN

Together, yolked with Jesus, I can overcome any trial.  No matter how silly or ridiculous His way seem to be to my way of thinking, I chose His way!!

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