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Who Me? A Spiritual Warrior??

A Believer's Guide To Spiritual Warfare


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What People Are Saying About Pat's New Book

In Who Me?  A Spiritual Warrior?? A Believerís Guide to Spiritual Warfare
Pat Kempf truly guides the reader to victory through practical application
and accurately handling the Word of Truth. Her insight into how the enemy functions as well as how we as believers have been equipped by
our Warrior King and Creator to establish His Kingdom rule and reign
on earth will make an impact on the spiritual battle going on around us.
Itís not just theory in a classroom. Her testimonies from her fieldtrips
are evidence that these principles work.
I highly recommend this tool as a resource to discover the victorious
battle in which we are engaged.
Itís only as we use the tools, the authority, the weapons we have been given
to wage war that we will know who we are in Christ and who He is in us.
A good fight is one we win and Pat Kempfís concise equipping guide
will make the fight a good one.  The enemy should tremble as believers
read how the outcome has already been established
and the battle belongs to the Lord and His army!

Sande Lofberg
US Regional Director Aglow International
Great Plains Rocky Mountain Region


"The writer of Ecclesiastes said the making of many books there is no end,
and much study is a weariness of the flesh (Eccl 12:12) It is one thing to
write a book, but another thing to put your life experience in a book.
I have personally known Pat for over 25 years, working alongside her
as Pastor and friend. Having watched her life life over the years
I feel she is more than qualified to write this book.
It is filled with scriptural insight that has inspired and blessed hundreds
and even thousands of people. I am glad that Pat has put these timeless
truths all together in this small book. Thanks Pat, we all need this."

Pastor Lester Hall
Senior Pastor and Founder
New Life Church
Billings, Montana


I have just finished reading this book.
All I can say is 'FANTASTIC' Pat and thank you very much
for bringing a book that is full of understanding and direction.
It brings an applicable approach to a needed step in every disciple
of Christ and causes us to become powerful sons and daughters!

Kate Heying
Wyoming State Prayer Coordinator
Aglow International


Freedom Can Be Yours



Freedom Facilitator's Guide


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