Prophetic Corner

Below are some of the prohetic words given to Montana Aglow.

We hope you are encouraged by what God has spoken over our great and blessed state.

Prophetic Words From Aglow State Team Meetings

"You think you must till the soil in a straight line -- But I say I want you to zig zag across the state.  Bring my presence -- breathe a fresh wind into the dry places -- Let the east sow into the west, let the west sow into the east, let the north sow into the south, let the south sow into the north.  Come away with me -- a real retreat!"     (As I received this I sensed that He would prompt women when to financialy give-- each area actually giving into other areas of the state).

"As much as I love you Pat, and the rest of this team that we have put together to serve this state, I love Montana just as much -- if not more!  There are so many ways that I want to show myself strong to the people of this state.  I want Aglow to bring my presence to the dry places in Montana.  I want to move through this ministry as I did when it began.  I want to break down walls of resistance to My Spirit, and the way I want to move through My Spirit.  I want Aglow to plow the dry ground-- I will water, as you plant the seeds of love, grace, hope, peace, and the power of My Spirit.  I covenant with you and this team to bring my presence in great measure, if you will do as I show you.  If you will dare to do the unthinkable -- If you will dare to trust me -- I will bring the increase.  I will bring an increase of my presence, an increase in the number of Aglows, an increase in understanding, an increase for the seed planted.  For I own the cattle, the gold, and the silver.  I want the treasures in this state mined for my glory.  I will show you what I mean by that.  For each of you will reap where you have not sown.  There will be many who were/are dead in sin and trespasses that will come to live in me.  You will see wives pray for husbands and they will in short order be miraculously saved.  You will see children come to power in me as Moms pray.  You will see me touch and mend and heal broken relationships.  The testimonies that come out of this state will bless the nation and the nations.  You will see me move mightily in your midst.  Every time you come together I will release miracles of every kind: miracles of healing, miracles of restoration.  Eye has not seen, no ear heard the things you will see me do and experience.  Wait on my strategy -- I will give you strategy for every part.  I will show you what to do.  Many will again begin to do prayer journeys.  Cathie will lead a prayer journey this fall -- that will be by invitation only -- because there is something I want Aglow to break down, and open the door and walk through.  A prophetic act that will break some strongholds that have built up and need to come down -- so that I can move the way I want to.  I will give you/her the strategy and the assignment --  A key to open and unlock the door that I want Aglow to walk through.  Do you not know that I have called each of you for this hour?  You are history makers, hand picked for what would be an overwhelming task --but with me it is not overwhelming -- because I will cause you to accomplish every bit.  Each of you capable, but pliable in the Master's hand --you will be my tool to accomplish in this state what I desire to do.  The time is short for behold I am coming quickly.  Be ready to receive me, and be ready --- make ready your state for my visitation is near."

Prophetic Word for Montana Aglow

"Behold Montana, I stand at the door of the gate knocking.  Who of you will respond and invite me into your city?  Who of you will risk being bold with me?  For I have much I want to do with your city.  I have much I want to do with those who are called by My name.  No more will I allow for My Spirit to be hushed, because Montana you are Mine – I want to live in your midst.  I want to come and hover over you as I did this last week-end.  I want to be invited into every area of your life, every area of your city.  I want to come and make a difference in your children’s lives.  I want this generation! I want this generation!!  Too many have been lost before they were even born.  Too many have been lured away by the enemy, but I want them back.  So will you let Me in to fulfill my plans and purposes?  Will you make the necessary sacrifices?  Will you dare to break with the old traditions to risk the new thing I want to do?  Montana Aglow, you were founded by a woman who came out of everything she knew and was comfortable in, because I called her out to experience Me.  Her life was changed.  Will you let Me change your life drastically if I want to?  Will you say yes to that?  Will you stand and be counted with Me?  Will you risk it all to answer My call?  Will you?  Will you?  Come away with Me and let Me whisper in your ear.  Let Me fulfill you like nothing else does.  Let Me show you what I want to say to each of you specifically.  Come away with Me.  Give Me some time.  I love you!"

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