Prophetic Corner

Below are some of the prohetic words given to Montana Aglow.

We hope you are encouraged by what God has spoken over our great and blessed state.

2019:  I want you to really listen to what is year is all about so you have faith to believe and to partner with what God is saying for 2019, so you can choose by faith today to wear the mantle God wants you to have

5779 – 2019 is an unlocking year.  This is a time to breakout of conventional ways of thinking.  We must make a harvest shift

The end of 2017, Chuck Pierce saw the Angel of War enter into this dimension. He was released to war over God’s covenant harvest plan.  He said we had a two year season to undergo new training for the harvest ahead.  We only have another year 2019. God is preparing us for what is ahead.

We are moving into a season of Kingdom demonstration in 2019

    · Women are shifting into their apostolic role for the future.  The great move of God led   by women has begun – God is moving us from prayer warriors to Apostolic Prophetic   Watchman

    · This year ahead is about pulling the breakthrough down. (Through the portal) You are   being tested at your gate.  Pulling Heaven’s breakthrough into earth

    · A year of intense travailing/birthing time – pulling down from Heaven that that has been   delayed

    · Issue this year is choosing – your will has to be unlocked to make a choice.  Once we   now the will of God, then we can choose.  Choose to submit, (or resist- it is a choice to   be made) to the hovering power of the Holy Spirit

    · We must keep complacency broken. Time to rise up out of complacency.  Choose to be a   gateway to the promise of your territory. (Like Rehab was in Jericho)

    ·We must enter into a new movement of Intercession until the Spirit comes
    Isaiah 32: 9, 10, 15:
    “Rise up, you women who are carefree, and hear my voice, you confident and unsuspecting daughters!  Listen to what I am saying.  In a little more than a year you will tremble [with anxiety], you unsuspecting and complacent women; for the vintage has ended, and the harvest will not come.  Until the Spirit is poured out upon us from on high, and the wilderness becomes a fertile field, and the fertile field is valued as a forest

70- Ayin – Still in the Ayin Season:

    · of God wanting to give you fresh vision, increase your  ability to see beyond what you could see   before

    · of angels, increased angelic activity and battles will increase

    · open your eyes to a new awareness of spiritual warfare going on around you

    · Year  for portals to open, and to hear the galloping angelic army coming to help

    · Deliver you from your captivity this year

    · Empowerment & release into ministry

    · Fresh release of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the Holy Spirit poured out

9 = Hebrew word ‘Tet’ which pictures a womb or a Wineskin

    · The number 9 is used to define the perfect movement of God.  The biblical number 9 is a    number of patience and also the number of those who accomplish the divine willAn    expression of the power of the Holy Spirit.  It is also the number of judgment and biblical    number 9 stands for a complete cycle of growth. (Like 9 months in the womb)

    · 9 is the manifestation of the power of Holy Spirit – 1 Cor 12 gifts of the Spirit,  Gal 5:22 the fruit   of the Spirit   - Let God manifest Himself in you

    · Pregnant year:  New vision is in womb and needs to be brought to birth.  See visions God has   imparted come to birth.  A year of travailing.

·          Chuck Pierce released a word from the Lord:  I am reordering your steps and times. You are about to go in a way you have not gone before. I have chosen the place you steward as a place for a move of My Spirit in days ahead. This new move that is initiated will affect the world – great healing, miracles, deliverance, stronger & stronger, bring in the lost and see them get free. Time for a move of the Spirit that will affect the whole world.”

    · Submitting your life to King Jesus is important this year.  Bowing down in submission and   worshipping and acknowledging God as your King.  Evil can overtake you this year if you   don’t submit to God

·         Expect an outpouring of Holy Spirit.  This is a year when God will hover over barrenness and bring forth life

    · Year of the new wineskin:  Where is the wineskin to hold the new wine?? God’s new   wineskin is

      o Five-fold ministry: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor & Teacher

      o Saint’s movement – the saints doing the work of the ministry in the 7 mountains that influence culture

      o Apostolic Church

This is the year for the wineskin to fully manifest.  When the wineskin is complete God will pour out new wine

    · A year to harvest the King’s vineyard.  A year to taste the fruit of your labors.  Taste His   goodness and declare God is good

    · How to taste God’s new wine:

      1. Look to see what God has done, see His blessings, and His mercies

      2. Experience – sense the subtle shift in the atmosphere when the Presence of God comes.  Feel the peace, experience the aroma

      3. Receive His work, let Him fully align you with His work

      4. Discern the flavor – what’s the mood of the Holy Spirit today?

      5. What descriptors would you use to describe your experiences?

                    (Names of God) Yahweh Shammah – God is present

    · Take time to life up praise & Thanksgiving to God.  Taste and see that the Lord is good    in (5779) 2019!!

Going to see lots of conflict coming into this new year.  Communion is being right with
Him (vertically) and about becoming one body.
  Begin the new year at rest

Women, you are being called to redeem time and you have to be wise. There is a wisdom coming down on you to dismantle demons. We are in a fullness of time season. A seize the moment, outpouring, breakthrough time.

God is shifting Aglow from a teaching, equipping ministry into an Apostolic/Prophetic

Mantling that is about taking nations and territory. This is a new predestined season for Aglow. Millions upon millions of people will come into the Kingdom because of the work God does through this ministry.

He will take our listening ability to a newer, higher level.  Higher level of intercession

“A new weight of His glory is coming upon this ministry because you’ve learned to wait on Him, with a dependence on Him, in true humility.  A corporate heart to do His pleasure, to serve Him, and Him alone.”  Dutch Sheets

Prophecy to Aglow through Chuck Pierce at the Nov. 2018 Aglow National Conference:

And the Lord would say “this is the beginning of a new outpouring in this ministry.  The Lord says it’s going to pour out, don’t despise the pressing out that’s about to come, for it will create the pouring out.  And the Lord says, this will be a year that I enter this ministry into re-visitation, not just a visitation that has come, but a re-visitation of what you have accomplished.  And I say, you will go back to places you have sent teams and prayed and I will be there waiting on you and as you go back to these places what was prayed in one season, I will pour out in this season.  I say, outline your movements from the past, watch as I raise up the teams to re-visit the places that I will be waiting when they revisit and I say to you, that will cause the outpouring of what is being held in heaven to come into the earth.  I say, re-visit your promises, Revisit the times you have asked me to do things, for when you re-visit them I will be waiting to pour out the visitation of your re-visitation.  I say to you, this is the beginning of bringing back that which got caught through wilderness times and pouring it out now in the right time. I say to you the re-visitation for Aglow International has begun and this will produce an outpouring that will unlock and will cause an overflowing that has not been seen before.”

Revisit your promises, revisit your prayer journeys, revisit.  From Dutch:  They must be light-footed, because they are going to have to move quickly when God gives them an assignment.  They are not going to be able to plan, plan, plan, plan – they are going to have to hear God saying this today and we will have to mobilize it and when you start doing that, He will pour the finances out for mobilization.  He’s already waiting, if you choose.  This is the day of your choice

January 3, 2019: Chuck Pierce released a word at the Start the Year Off Right Conference, and here are the parts that I think pertain to us:

“God is on the move"

· He asked the Lord, “What are you saying for 2019 in America?”  The Lord said, “plow through it!

· There’s going to be a lot of new boundaries set.  Don’t get upset if you see your portion being re- boundaried.  That’s the way to think about it.  Because it means God is going to bring it forth in a whole new way

· The Lord says, it’s time to plow. Judah shall plow, Judah shall break its clods.  A lot of breaking up is going to be going on.  Not a lot of breakthrough, or break out, a lot of breaking up.  We are going to break up some things that have never been broken up. There’s going to be confederations of the enemy broken up

Sow for yourself righteousness, reap in mercy, break up your fallow ground for it is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains righteousness on you

· This year we have to put our hand to the plow and not look back. This year is a time to plow

· You are going to be breaking up what has stopped His goodness from coming up
Lots of clods to be broken up. Lots of seeds to be set free. Lots of riches to be uncovered.  Lots of roots to be freed up. We are going to plow till we get to the root

· You are going to understand somethings this year about yourself, about your family, about your city, about your state, about your business, about things you didn’t think you would ever understand because we are going to be getting to the root

Another prophecy from Start the Year Off Right:

And the Lord is saying that fire that He is laying inside of us, will deliver us into this new season.  He says, this is not a day like any other day, or any other time, and as we enter this year, He has assignments.  Assignments that He knew you would be given before even the foundation of the world.  And He said, this fire, this fire will deliver you into your very destiny

At times before you plow a field, you fire a fieldLet the fire begin to remove somethings that need to be turned into and added to the compost, fertilizer of your future.  I saw as we were letting the fire of God come into our heart and into our lives – I saw the fire of God come into our hands, and I saw us with plows, and we were plowing the ground, and as we were plowing the fire of God was breaking open the ground and as we were plowing the ground, the harvest was popping up. The harvest was coming behind us as we plowed

Let the fire go up and down your body – it’s a new anointing.  For the Lord says, “I am a God that answers by fire.  I am creating a field of decrees, I am creating a field of people that I will answer to – so decree a thing – and see it happen – decree a thing and see it happen this season

Explanation given: When you burn off a field it changes the chemical composition of what has been there before. Instead of it being detrimental to the soil, it does enrich the soil. So there are things from your past that you know are detrimental for your going forward, for new growth, pass it under the fire. Let Him consume it by His fire. Instead of becoming detrimental it will becoming nourishing – it will be enriching to the soil.


1/7/2019:  Word from the Lord for Montana Aglow:

I have given many words to Montana and I want you to pull them out.  I want you to declare over Montana what I say about Montana –over your state.  I want you to see what I have said over each area and I want you to speak it out over each area again.  Everything that has been spoken will come to pass, but as you step into this season I want the land to hear what I have said about it all over again

You are My mouth over the land, speak out what I say.  Yes, each one will have a part to plan and I want you to remind them of the importance of their words.  A reminder that their words have power to sustain and power to create what I purposed when I spoke them originallyFor this is the time of My visitation to your StateThis year My Spirit will move with you from city to city, from area to area.  Come with Me to each place that we have walked this land.  Come with Me and watch the fulfillment of what has been prayed

Decree My plan, decree My words.  My words through you have power in them.  Deliver My people, deliver My land, Montana.  Let the riches of my State, Montana, flow from east to west from north to south.  Take every city for Me.  Take every landmark for Me.  There has already been much repentance but where there is a need to do more, do more.  Put the devil in remembrance that I AM in control of Montana.  Put him in remembrance of his defeat and what defeats him.  I AM the victor.  I am the One who has the ultimate power and authority and it has been delegated you!  So walk in the authority I have given you, Montana Aglow Team.  I am anointing you for the tasks ahead.  I am calling you to take back your land and your cities for Me.  I am your authority.  I AM the One who gives you the authority to use My Name and My blood as your weapons.  So walk in your place and DO NOT BACK DOWN as I have told you before.  DO NOT BACK DOWN  -- because you belong to Me and I have given you access to everything you need.  Nothing you need will be withheld

Montana Aglow in 2018

I think it was in the Fall of 2017 that the Lord gave us when and where to have our Spring Retreat.  He said May 5th in Helena.  Much to our amazement May 5th was a Saturday.  And it just happened the best offer of a place to hold the Encounter was the WIN GATE.  Since 2018 is the year of doors, Gates, Angels, Wealth & War and Keys to overcoming, we believed this to be a God-set up and divine appointment.  We meditated on the prophetic words over Aglow that came from the 50th Celebration International Gathering in Richmond, VA, so we could come into alignment with what God was saying to us, and our theme became  Go Through! Go through the Gates! Receive Strength For Your Future!

God gave us this word for Helena:  I will pour out My love on them and they will begin to experience My love as they come and encounter what I have for them.  I have LOVE waiting for them, that strong powerful love that casts out all fear, all doubt and all unbelief.  They will leave having a stronger belief in who I AM for them and who I will be for them.  So walk in faith believing that I am going to meet you at this encounter

 I am going to ignite a fire that burns up all the doubt, all the fear, everything that comes, that keeps this remnant Montana Aglow from moving in miracles, signs and wonders.  You will leave with a greater governmental anointing in this center of government.  You will declare and decree and establish new places of My Presence because you carry Me to all those places and as you open your mouth to speak My anointing will be on those words like a double edge sword – to cut off and to establish

Because I will speak through you – you will decree My decrees and you will establish a new order that causes the old order to dissipate.  Your coming together at this time is extremely important because it is the month to establish new patterns.  It will set in place a new presence

I’ve seen what you have sacrificed, I’ve seen what you plowed, I have seen your sowing – it is time for harvest and it is time to reap what you have sown and more.  I know you have grown discouraged, but I tell you, it will be different.  It will be different than any other time.  EXPECT MY MOVE!  EXPECT IT – I AM TELLING YOU – EXPECT IT – I WILL COME IN POWER!!”

God met us, and the weekend was a powerful time in His presence.  I believe it was a turning point for Montana Aglow

Winnett & Seeley Lake:  We followed up with a prophetic word the Lord had given us “to go to the two areas where the fires had been the greatest in 2017.”  After researching that, we held gatherings in Winnett in August and Seeley Lake in September, as the Lord said: “Go there so that MY Fire can come and sweep over those in that area.  Release fresh growth in those areas – Growth in MY Spirit.”  Our theme was the Fire of His Presence

In each of these cities He gave us Prophetic Prayer Assignments, which the team did, which I believed helped to open the atmosphere to what God did in each city.  Each very powerful, with God touching those who participated in powerful ways, as we again were engulfed in His presence.  In Seeley Lake He said: “I am shifting things here tonight, I am storing the broken breaches.  I am restoring the ancient path that were opened in the heavens and in the natural.  Those that stopped My moves in the past are no longer her to stop My move today and you are a hungry people who have prayed and prayed and you will see Me move in ways you only dreamt possible, open up our eyes to the supernatural working all around you.  I am here to inhabit Montana!  I am here to bring a whole new generation into My Presence with My Spirit.  You will see an ‘on-fire’ generation coming forth who only want Me – not the trappings, just Me!  So this communion is a shift - into the new shift into ‘My Presence-carrying’ generation filled with me

Prophetic Words From Aglow State Team Meetings

"You think you must till the soil in a straight line -- But I say I want you to zig zag across the state.  Bring my presence -- breathe a fresh wind into the dry places -- Let the east sow into the west, let the west sow into the east, let the north sow into the south, let the south sow into the north.  Come away with me -- a real retreat!"     (As I received this I sensed that He would prompt women when to financialy give-- each area actually giving into other areas of the state).

"As much as I love you Pat, and the rest of this team that we have put together to serve this state, I love Montana just as much -- if not more!  There are so many ways that I want to show myself strong to the people of this state.  I want Aglow to bring my presence to the dry places in Montana.  I want to move through this ministry as I did when it began.  I want to break down walls of resistance to My Spirit, and the way I want to move through My Spirit.  I want Aglow to plow the dry ground-- I will water, as you plant the seeds of love, grace, hope, peace, and the power of My Spirit.  I covenant with you and this team to bring my presence in great measure, if you will do as I show you.  If you will dare to do the unthinkable -- If you will dare to trust me -- I will bring the increase.  I will bring an increase of my presence, an increase in the number of Aglows, an increase in understanding, an increase for the seed planted.  For I own the cattle, the gold, and the silver.  I want the treasures in this state mined for my glory.  I will show you what I mean by that.  For each of you will reap where you have not sown.  There will be many who were/are dead in sin and trespasses that will come to live in me.  You will see wives pray for husbands and they will in short order be miraculously saved.  You will see children come to power in me as Moms pray.  You will see me touch and mend and heal broken relationships.  The testimonies that come out of this state will bless the nation and the nations.  You will see me move mightily in your midst.  Every time you come together I will release miracles of every kind: miracles of healing, miracles of restoration.  Eye has not seen, no ear heard the things you will see me do and experience.  Wait on my strategy -- I will give you strategy for every part.  I will show you what to do.  Many will again begin to do prayer journeys.  Cathie will lead a prayer journey this fall -- that will be by invitation only -- because there is something I want Aglow to break down, and open the door and walk through.  A prophetic act that will break some strongholds that have built up and need to come down -- so that I can move the way I want to.  I will give you/her the strategy and the assignment --  A key to open and unlock the door that I want Aglow to walk through.  Do you not know that I have called each of you for this hour?  You are history makers, hand picked for what would be an overwhelming task --but with me it is not overwhelming -- because I will cause you to accomplish every bit.  Each of you capable, but pliable in the Master's hand --you will be my tool to accomplish in this state what I desire to do.  The time is short for behold I am coming quickly.  Be ready to receive me, and be ready --- make ready your state for my visitation is near."

Prophetic Word for Montana Aglow

"Behold Montana, I stand at the door of the gate knocking.  Who of you will respond and invite me into your city?  Who of you will risk being bold with me?  For I have much I want to do with your city.  I have much I want to do with those who are called by My name.  No more will I allow for My Spirit to be hushed, because Montana you are Mine – I want to live in your midst.  I want to come and hover over you as I did this last week-end.  I want to be invited into every area of your life, every area of your city.  I want to come and make a difference in your children’s lives.  I want this generation! I want this generation!!  Too many have been lost before they were even born.  Too many have been lured away by the enemy, but I want them back.  So will you let Me in to fulfill my plans and purposes?  Will you make the necessary sacrifices?  Will you dare to break with the old traditions to risk the new thing I want to do?  Montana Aglow, you were founded by a woman who came out of everything she knew and was comfortable in, because I called her out to experience Me.  Her life was changed.  Will you let Me change your life drastically if I want to?  Will you say yes to that?  Will you stand and be counted with Me?  Will you risk it all to answer My call?  Will you?  Will you?  Come away with Me and let Me whisper in your ear.  Let Me fulfill you like nothing else does.  Let Me show you what I want to say to each of you specifically.  Come away with Me.  Give Me some time.  I love you!"

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