GameChangers One Day Retreats

The purpose of these gatherings is to give you an overview
of GameChangers
by Graham Cooke.
These one day retreats consist of worship and four sessions that sample
the GameChanger and LifeChanger materials

GameChangers is designed to help you step more deeply into your
identity, exploring who God wants to be for you, which will enable
you to choose different mindsets, shift your personal disposition
to love God above all else into greater depth, and make war on any
negativity that stands in the way of the fullness of Heaven being your reality.
You will learn wonderful insights into the development of the Fruit of the Spirit
in all situations.

    GameChangers will help you to:

      * Have a clear vision of your identity
      *Live in your identity in Christ
      *Know who God wants to be for you
      *Live daily as "more than a conqueror"
      *Overcome all negativity
      *See every situation and circumstance from Heaven's perspective instead of existing through trials and tribulations
      *Be transformed into the image of Christ
      *Impact your environment and be a "change agent" in your city, state, nation, or nations of the world


If you are interested in a GameChangers one day retreat in your area
please contact Montana Aglow President Pat Kempf
at 406-860-5920


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